About SenseBreast

SenseBreast is an open source, sensing mastectomy prosthetic based on Raspberry Pi hardware, and bespoke open hardware. It is a very early prototype, but is a proof point in what might be possible in smart mastectomy prosthetics.

The story of SenseBreast

SenseBreast began as the brainchild of Kathy Reid, and was developed as a term project in the Master of Applied Cybernetics at the 3A Institute at Australian National University, Canberra.

Using a Raspberry Pi 3, a Sense HAT and some Python code, the SenseBreast was able to record fluctuations in ambient temperature, air pressure, and movement in three axes, using an inertial motion unit.

Over time, it is anticipated that additional features and capabilities can be added to SenseBreast, leading to improvements in physical recovery for mastectomy patients.

Booting up the Raspberry Pi and getting it on the network

SenseBreast, improved

In a collaboration with Australian open hardware luminary, Jon Oxer, bespoke hardware has been developed to improve on the original design.

Bespoke SenseBreast HAT on a Raspberry Pi 3B+, picture courtesy Jon Oxer